Corporate & Personal Tax

Be Tax Ready! Be Tax Compliant!

We provide both personal and corporate tax returns for our clients. 

We ensure that your tax information is entered accurately and that any deductions, credits, and benefits are applied appropriately.


Corporate Tax Return

Starting: $300

The price for corporate tax return depends on the complexity of your business. 

Please contact us for pricing that meets your business needs.

Personal Tax Return

Starting: $45

Our services involves:

  • Employed 
  • Self-employed (sole-proprietorship and partnership)
  • Rental Income 
  • Capital Gains/Loss
  • Employment expenses
  • Foreign income
  • GST/HST return
  • Tax planning/Consultation

We also provide personal tax service to students and new comers.

As every individual taxes differ, please contact us for specific pricing to meet your needs.

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